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Talk to Balajee - Indian Astrology and Vedic Astrology in Aurillac now. 10-15 years of experience in Vedic Astrology. I am a vedic astrologer, palm reader and clairvoyant from the Himalayas. I inherited the gift of prediction from my father. It has been our family work for many years. I have lived for several years in Rishikesh, the cradle of yoga and spirituality, and have consulted people from all over the world. Today I am living in Switzerland where I continue my spiritual work. I have made some predictions on several TV shows in German-speaking countries as well. The audience has always appreciated my spirtual help and guidance very much and was impressed by the accuracy of my predictions. I have the gift to make any wish come true. All clients who once talked to me on the phone or came to see me personally, wanted to know more and more about their future. I will use protective forces on people or companies, that will reduce the chances of loss and will enhance your progress. In this difficult time I have the ability to provide them with the necessary tools to make the best out of their future. I will be happy to assist.

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